Venison & Wild Game

All sausage products are made with your Wild Game. To do this requires extra time and labor, but we think that is worth it to you, our customer. If you have questions regarding this policy, please ask.

One batch is made of 17 lbs. venison and 8 lbs. pork. If you don’t have the 17 lbs. needed for one batch, beef or pork trim may be purchased and added to the batch.

If you would like to have beef added to your sausage products rather than pork, please request it at the time that you place your order. We will be happy to honor your request.

$15.00 will be added to any sausage orders that are split between two products. For Example: One 25 lb. batch split into 1/2 summer sausage and 1/2 snack sticks. Not all products can be split.

The basic processing fee MUST be paid at the time the animal is brought in.

Thank You!!!

Venison & Wild Game
Venison & Wild Game

Stoddard’s Venison Sausage Products

Summer Sausage: $3.00/lb.

Traditional, Garlic, Onion
(see below)

Ring Bologna: $3.00/lb.

Traditional Fresh Brats: $2.75/lb.

Classic Fresh, Garlic,
Onion or Beer added

Wieners, Chorizo, Andouille: $3.50/lb.

(see below)

Smoked Brats: $3.00/lb.

Snack Sticks: $3.75/lb.

Traditional, Garlic, Hot
(see below)

Bacon: $3.75/lb.

Breakfast Sausage

Bulk: $2.50/lb.
Patties: $3.25/lb.
Links: $3.99/lb.

Dried Venison: $4.00/lb.

Whole Round, Smoked & Thin Sliced (Requires whole hind qtr)

Whole Muscle Jerky: $6.00/lb.

Special Ingredients (* Indicates Brat Only)

Chipotle Peppers
*Buffalo Wing
*Jamaican Jerk
*Tomato Basil
*Italian Seasoning

Whole Wild Game Pricing

Processing includes skinning, cutting fresh meat, grinding trim for burger, and wrapping.

Whole Wild Game

Basic Fee: $99.00

Hide Return Fee: $10.00

Cash Discount: $4.00

Cape Your Trophy: $50.00

Trim Ground Into Burger

Grind & wrap: $0.90/lb

Grind only: $0.65/lb

We can add beef, beef fat, or pork to any order for an additional charge.

Boning charge: $20.00/qtr

Processing Information

  • We keep all wild game separate. This includes fresh cuts as well as any sausage/smoked products. You will get your own meat back.
  • All wild game (except burger), fresh & smoked are vacuum packaged with a full ingredient list on the label.
  • All wild game is hand cut with only boneless cuts to our customers.
  • We can process your deer, elk, antelope, moose, bison or bear.
  • We take in whole animals as well as quartered animals or trim.

All Products require a minimum weight of wild game.

Minimum Weights of Wild Game 
Summer Sausage & Snack Sticks17 lb = 25 lb
Bacon, Brats, Breakfast Sausage10 lb = 20 lb
Ring Bologna & Wieners15 lb = 25 lb
Ground Jerky15 lb = 15 lb
Whole Muscle JerkyWhole hind Qtr.
Dried VenisonWhole hind Qtr.


Due to limited freezer space, we are not responsible for products after 30 days. Storage fees of $1.00 per day will apply after 7 days for fresh cuts. Storage fees of $1.00 per day will apply after 14 days for any sausage products.