Catering Information

Menu Selections

These menus are suggestions only.  We would be pleased to customize a menu to meet your needs.


All prices are subject to change without notice. We guarantee our prices 90 days before an event. An 18% service charge is added to all menu prices as well as state and county sales tax.

Pricing for Parties Under 100 People

*Email or call for updated pricing
*Excludes Luncheon Menu*








*Email or call for updated pricing

Standard Set (Fork, Spoon, Knife, Dinner Plate)$5.50
Additional Pieces (Coffee Mugs, Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Water Glass, Wine Glass)$1.75
Flatware Only$3.75
Clear Customer China$2

*Must order sets of 20 for plates*
*Must order sets of 12 for flatware*
*Must order sets of 25 for water glasses*


*Email or call for updated pricing

Table covers$8 each
Standard Unfolded Napkins$1 each
Standard Folded Napkins$1.50 each


*Email or call for updated pricing

Cut and Serve Cake (standard cake up to 3 flavors. Includes - plates, fork, napkin.)$2 per person
Cut Cake Only (Tiered cake up to 3 flavors)$75
Cut Cake Only (Sheet cakes only)$50
Cake Plates & Forks Only$1

Water Service

*Email or call for updated pricing

Clear Dispenser (Includes Cups)$50
Bottled Water (Amount must be pre-ordered. Available on beverage table)$1.25 per bottle
Pitchers/Carafe (Includes pitcher/carafe, clear plastic cups, ice, and refills.)$10 each

Types of Service

*Email or call for updated pricing

Family Style Service$4
Platted Service$3
Pre-Set Salad$1
Pre-Set Dessert$1

Final Guaranteed Numbers

We need an estimated number of guests at the time you reserve your date. We require your final guaranteed number two weeks before your event. Absolutely no changes will be allowed within 72 hours before your dinner. We will bill you for your guaranteed number of guests. If we serve more meals than guaranteed, Stoddard’s Catering will bill you for a mutually agreed upon number of additional meals.

Extended Serving Times

Stoddard’s understands that events do not always progress as usual. If our staff is delayed in serving dinner more than thirty minutes, additional charges will be billed to the customer. Cost will vary depending on staff assigned to each dinner. Buffet dinners will be served for one hour.


All receptions must be paid in full two days before the date of service. Payments can be made by cash or check. We accept credit cards only if the transaction is completed in our office. Other events may pay the day of service if prior arrangements have been made.

Leftover Food Disclaimer

The customer is entitled to take all meals which are billed for, but not consumed and have not been held too long. Said meals will be made available to the customer, in bulk containers, at the conclusion of the event, assuming there is proper refrigeration at the Venue. If proper refrigeration is not available, customer may pick up leftover food at Stoddard’s Market on the day following the event. Saturday events can pick up on Mondays. The customer is not entitled to the 5% amount of food that the caterer prepares over the customer’s guaranteed number. Upon acceptance of leftover meals, the customer assumes full responsibility for their transportation and proper storage. The customer agrees that upon customers’ acceptance of said meals at the conclusion of the event, Stoddard’s Market & Catering is released from all claims, damages, causes of action or liabilities which may arise because of the consumption of said meals.

Other Information

We are not responsible for any table or chair arranging or dining room layout. That is the responsibility of the customer.