Pig Roasts

Fully Catered

Please see picnic menu


Cooked, Delivered and Sliced

Price of Pig + $325.00 + Tax


Cooked and Ready for Pickup

Price of Pig + $200.00 + Tax
$250.00 deposit required for pan, please return clean


Cooked, Cut & Ready for Pickup

Price of Pig + $200.00 + Tax
We will gladly place in disposable containers, or use pans you supply!
Pick it up hot! – Add $35.00


Pig Roaster Rental

$250.00 + Tax without Pig Purchase
$175.00 + Tax with Pig Purchase
Add $35.00 to put pig on our spit
1-7/8″ ball and $250.00 deposit*



Whole roasting hog with skin on sizes and prices based on hog market
Call for quote  |  Allow 1 lb. per person

Please allow 3 weeks for us to fill a pig order.
Less time may not get you the size or price you want.

Due to changes in the Hog Market, these prices are estimates and your actual price will be determined by the Market Prices when you pick up your pig. Please not there will be an extra $35.00 fee for Sunday pick-ups.